Belmont Asset Management, founded in 1994, is a Cape Town based wealth management company that provides a specialist investment management service to high net worth private clients, both offshore and onshore.

Our business philosophy hinges on the belief that no two clients are alike. Each has specific requirements and your bespoke portfolio is tailored to meet these. We will take the time to understand your risk profile, your income needs and your long-term investment goals. Our service is personal and your portfolio manager will always be available to discuss your investments with you. Above all, we guarantee you integrity, security and transparency in all your dealings with us. Our income is generated by fees, not commissions.

Update: Pro-Growth Policies

Extract from the June 2017 quarterly report:

Since the global financial crisis of 2008, both global growth and inflation have responded very anaemically to unprecedented levels of monetary stimulus, these days known as quantitative easing or “QE”. The reasons for this are many and complex, and do not appear to be sufficiently understood by both politicians, their economic advisors and indeed ourselves. In US Fed chairperson Yellen’s recent testimony to congress she said the Fed was puzzled by the slowdown in global inflation and that it seemed sluggish price rises had structural causes. Mario Draghi of the ECB and German chancellor Merkel have recently made similar comments about the lack of effectiveness of monetary policy. Japan has already supplemented easy monetary policy with stimulatory fiscal policy.
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