Belmont Asset Management, founded in 1994, is a Cape Town based wealth management company that provides a specialist investment management service to high net worth private clients, both offshore and onshore.

Our business philosophy hinges on the belief that no two clients are alike. Each has specific requirements and your bespoke portfolio is tailored to meet these. We will take the time to understand your risk profile, your income needs and your long-term investment goals. Our service is personal and your portfolio manager will always be available to discuss your investments with you. Above all, we guarantee you integrity, security and transparency in all your dealings with us. Our income is generated by fees, not commissions.

Update: Change Of Tack

Extract from the December 2018 quarterly report:

A feature of the past quarter was the sudden capitulation of global economic growth expectations and sharp downward corrections in economically sensitive asset prices such as shares and oil. The dominant force at play appears to have been US monetary policy which became excessively tight relative to prospective growth and inflation but ongoing tariff wars no doubt played a role too. Tighter US monetary policy (chart 1) was a consequence of the Fed’s oft-stated intention to normalise the term structure of US interest rates (known as the “yield curve”). Aggressive quantitative easing (QE) following the global financial crisis of 2008 created downward distortions in interest rates, especially short-term rates (chart 2):

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