‘There are many attributes that I look for in a wealth manager.  These include a thorough knowledge of both local and international investment instruments; a sound track record of investment success; a willingness to communicate regularly; honesty and integrity; and an environment in which the wealth manager is incentivised to succeed.  Belmont ticks all of these boxes.

My long-term investment goals are to grow and then maintain a capital base which yields enough to enable my wife and I to live comfortably, travel internationally on a regular basis and assist with the education of our grandchildren.  I have faith that the Belmont team will be able to deliver the growth necessary to achieve these goals.’

Dr Kit Vaughan

‘I have been a client of Belmont Asset Management since 2001 and I augment my investment portfolio with them as and when I am able to. Initially my portfolio was exclusively onshore, but in 2002 we diversified into international markets.  In 2013 I also added my pension fund to my Belmont investment portfolio.

I have always found the Belmont staff to be friendly, efficient and professional and the overriding impression one is left with is that there is a true ‘open door’ policy for all clients.

I have committed to Belmont for the long term and trust them to “ride the storms” to achieve my desired long term performance results.

I would certainly recommend Belmont, and have in fact done so in the past.’

Viv Delbridge

‘Belmont has been managing my preservation fund and long term investment portfolio for a number of years and consistently delivers a highly personalised and professional service.

Belmont is focussed on the long term protection of my assets against inflation and the team has delivered superior performance over both the medium and long term.

Whilst Belmont is focussed on long term horizons, I have nonetheless found the directors to be entrepreneurial in spirit and flexible in allowing a joint approach to achieving performance.’

Brent Willshire

‘I have been a client of Belmont Asset Management for 15 years.  I value Belmont’s service and I know that I can rely on their advice to keep up with trends in the market. I am comfortable with Belmont’s investment strategy and the performance of my portfolio bears testament to this.

The quarterly market commentaries written by Belmont keep me well informed about both local and offshore markets.

I would not hesitate to recommend Belmont to investors looking for good, solid performance.’

Mike Schnell

‘What I really appreciate about Belmont is its sound, well thought through investment philosophy – and that it sticks to it.  I also value the sheer professionalism, excellent results and friendly atmosphere.

Belmont’s investment performance has been exceptional with a surprisingly low level of risk – especially in view of market turmoil over the last few years.

The level of communication offered by Belmont, including quarterly reports and annual meetings, is sufficient without being overdone. And one can always query or discuss anything – which is not possible with a unit trust.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Belmont to anyone wanting a personally managed portfolio.’

Marina Stander

‘I have been a client of Belmont for sixteen years and during this period the services offered by all staff have been extremely professional, friendly and efficient.  Any queries are handled expeditiously and thoroughly.

Given my age and risk profile I believe that the portfolio is well balanced in terms of risk.   Although one is exposed to the vagaries of the stock market the quality of the holdings comes through over time.  Portfolio performance regularly outstrips my benchmark and I am happy that Belmont does not conduct unnecessary trading.

I am comfortable with the regular level of communication which includes comprehensive quarterly reports.

I have, over the years, recommended Belmont to people I know and will continue to do so.’

Director of a large medical aid administrator

‘I have been a client of Belmont Asset Management for more than 10 years. I have been more than happy with both the service and the performance which the team has delivered. I would have no hesitation in referring them to anyone who needs advice or assistance in the management of their investments.’

Gavin Hau

‘The 5 year performance of my portfolio has been excellent and I have full confidence in the professional integrity of the directors and staff at Belmont Asset Management.

As an owner-managed business, Belmont is prompt and thorough when it comes to client communication.   I attach real value to the personal service I receive and I would certainly recommend Belmont’s services without any hesitation.’

Louis van Schaik